Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rules for sports

                      For health this week room 8 learned about good sportsmen ship. We made posters on
                       pic collage

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Butterfly life cycle

   Life cycle of a butterfly

Metamorphosis is when a creature changes it’s form. Butterflies, cicadas, moths and frogs all live within a life-cycle. A life-cycle is when a living creature’s life repeatedly. Let me explain the life-cycle of a butterfly.

                                                          Egg stage  
The life of a butterfly begins with the egg stage. Butterflies lay eggs in safe hidden places like underside a leaf. A female Monarch lays hundred of tiny eggs. The eggs are tinier than a tip of a pencil or like the size of a sesame seed. It takes a few days for the egg to hatch. Once the egg has hatched, It eats the egg to get out.    
                                                      Caterpillar stage
Then hatches a little baby caterpillar. They are the size of a worm when they are born but very long. Caterpillars are also known as a larva. They eat their way out of the egg. They can be 100 times bigger than when it had emerged because they have a big appetite. As it gets bigger caterpillars shed their skin about 4-5 times. This is called molting.
                                                            Pupa stage                                                                             
After that, caterpillars are ready to make a pupa. They use twigs and make them in safe hidden places around host plants and spin silk. Caterpillars then curl into a “J” shape. It takes a few weeks to several depending on their species. Sometimes a pupa is see through and others are web like.

                                                          Butterfly stage
Finally, out comes a beautiful butterfly. But the wings are still quite small.  The wings are also are wet, damp and soft at first, so the butterfly needs to wait until the wings are dry and fluid is pumped into their wings. Butterflies practice flapping and working with the wings so they are ready to take of. They are also called an Imago. Butterflies spend their time drinking nectar as food.

It is important that the butterfly keeps laying eggs otherwise it wouldn’t be a life cycle.

This week, room 8 are learning about metamophisis. That means change. Like butterflies. They live within a life -cycle.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Wildself

This week we learnt about adaptations. We got to create our own Wildself. My wildself is called a Rein-fly-tiger.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The beach

The refreshing smell the lovely green elegant trees in the wet forest. A scent of salty water tickles my nose and a strong smell of the cold wind hits me. Brrrr! Sweet aromas of chocolate ice-cream makes me feel hungry.

A gentle breeze slowly lifts the abrasive sand pushing it effortlessly. Slowly a group of waves rush up between my toes and retreats back. Salty water flows and washes the sand of my feet. Suddenly, a ray of sunlight hits my face strongly. Warmth from the sun radiates on the sun as I walk gently when slowly a gust of wind lightly pushes it away.

There’s nothing better than strolling on the beach and eagerly wanting to jump in salty waves when your parents hold you up. I love smelling the fresh air and playing games with my family like beach ball and building sand castles. I collect extraordinary sea-shells and carefully paint  and decorate them. They become shinier than a glimmering emerald. I never want to leave the beach! What do you do at the beach?

This week we wrote a description about the beach. I liked how I used words I don't use often.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Fairtrade Soccer ball

                         This term, we learnt about fair trade for our Inquiry and this week we have been learning about a fair trade soccer ball on explain every thing. We had to write a description about fair trade soccer balls.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Games to play on long journeys in the car

This week we have been reading "The reward" we had to make a poster of all the fun things you can do in the car.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


In a land far away, there lived a lonely woman who had always wanted a child of her own. So on a fine day, she went to see her dear friend the Wizard. The Wizard handed the woman a seed and told her to plant the seed and take good care of it.

When the woman arrived home, she did as she was told. She planted the seed and took good care of it. Then on a sunny day something magical happened to the seed. The seed bloomed into a beautiful flower and inside the flower, there was a little girl sitting in the middle of the flower and looking around. “She is so pretty! I will name you Thumbelina because you are as small as my thumb,” the woman said with major excitement. The woman had company and loved Thumbelina so much and raised her as her daughter. Together, they played games and did all sorts of things. Thumbelina also loved her mother as well.

But then on a dark night, when everyone were asleep even Thumbelina, An ugly green frog came and crept into Thumbelina’s home and saw Thumbelina snoozing in a coconut shell with a little warm blanket tucked with her near the window. The frog snatched Thumbelina and ran away with her. When Thumbelina woke up the next day, she found herself on a lily pad. She was looking at all the things around her and realized that she wasn’t at her house anymore… she was at a pond! The frog hopped up to her and croaked “ I brought you here because you are so beautiful that I would like to marry you.” After a while, the frog left Thumbelina sitting on the lilypad. Thumbelina was crying and crying for help. She really missed her mother.

Then along came a couple of fish and they saw Thumbelina crying on the lilypad. “Oh dear! We can’t let this beautiful tiny girl marry that horrible frog. I will eat the the root of the lilypad and she will drift away from the frog,” one of the fish said to his friends. Then Thumbelina was drifting off but it wasn’t long before she was heading into a
waterfall!. Along came a bird a swooped Thumbelina before she ended up in the waterfall and took Thumbelina to his friends because Thumbelina was such a pretty girl. But instead, the bird’s friends just laughed and laughed. “Who is she? Why did you bring such an ugly girl!,” one of the birds laughed. The bird who brought Thumbelina, got mad and dropped poor Thumbelina hard onto the ground. Thumbelina  started walking around. She was now very thirsty and  very hungry. There was a very friendly mouse who saw Thumbelina and welcomed her inside her cozy house and Thumbelina got to sit near the fireplace and eat delicious food and drink water. The mouse looked after Thumbelina for many days and weeks.
                                                                         Image result for Thumbelina and the mouse

On a sunny day when Thumbelina was playing a game with the mouse there was a knock on the door. Standing there was an horrible looking mole and saw Thumbelina and decided to marry her. The mouse had no choice and agreed. “ Good, after a few days, I will be back to pick her up,” the mole said. Thumbelina cried and cried and got very sad. “Why can’t I stay with you?” Thumbelina asked.
“The mole is a very rich man and will look after you,” the  mouse replied sadly.

On a fine day, Thumbelina found a robin lying on the ground with a sore leg. Thumbelina rushed to help the Robin. “Thank you very much! What must I give you in return?” the Robin asked politely. Thumbelina told the story of the mole wanting to marry her and asked if the robin can take Thumbelina far away from the mole. The robin told Thumbelina to hop on the robin’s back.
“Where are we going?” Thumbelina asked the robin.
“Some place you would really like,” the Robin replied. When they arrived, Thumbelina stared at the flowers and saw friendly animals. It was just the right place for her. “Thank you very much robin!” Thumbelina said happily as the robin took flight.
While Thumbelina was smelling the flowers, there was a handsome Prince who was flying around Thumbelina. “You are so beautiful! What is your name?” the Prince asked Thumbelina.
“My name is Thumbelina,” she replied.
“Thumbelina, will you marry me?” The Prince asked kindly. Thumbelina nodded. Together they took flight up in the air and they lived happily ever after.

                                                    The End


Image result for Thumbelina  
This week we have been writing fairytales. We had to change the ending. I changed my ending by putting
"Together, they took flight up in the air and lived happily ever after."